Secure your passwords, notes and files

Secure your passwords, notes and files

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Password generator


This password generator generates two 25 characters random strings on every load. One includes lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters, while the other has no special characters. Characters are picked using a cryptographically secure algorithm.


Your 100% secure password manager


Manage your passwords efficiently

An efficient password management interface and practical tools are just around the corner

Only you own the key to your data

No one else in the world can access it. Not even us, the NSA, the FBI or the MI6

Complete anonymity in our database

The registration info you provide is encrypted right away, so we do not even know who you are

Strong certificate authentication

A proven technology that is perfectly secure, far more than username/password combination

Our servers are kept up-to-date and secured

We always install the latest stable software versions to prevent attacks

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