Secure your passwords, notes and files
Secure your passwords, notes and files


The Website is the safest online place for storing your passwords, notes and files. It has been developed with ultimate privacy and security in mind. It is in fact so secure that even we, or anybody else on Earth, are completely unable to decrypt your data.

We do not use any tracking technology, like Google Analytics, or social network connectors. This means that whatever you do here is your own business, and no one can track what you do or what information you store. We do not keep logging data except for debugging purposes, which is completely anonymous. is completely free for the moment. If you appreciate our service, you can donate here:
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The creator

Jean-François Courteau, the creator of MySecureVault.caMy name is Jean-François Courteau and I have been around in the IT industry since 1999. I have worked with cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI) since 2010 and I have developped an expertise with encryption, certificates and more generally with privacy features and issues.

As of 2020, I am employed by LGS, an IBM subsidiary, as a network and infrastructure architect, specialized on Cisco equipment and Red Hat Linux. I have worked with government agencies, insurance companies and financial institutions as an analyst and architect, and cryptography has always been the most exciting part of my contracts.

Coding with PHP and Javascript, building websites and working with database servers is a side hobby for me, but after putting some of my projects on security audits, I realized that my stuff is very well secured and bug free. While coding, I think of most attack vectors and put safeguards in place to minimize the risks. I am not the best coder in the world, but I do my best to give my users a good experience and nice features.

Being a fierce advocate of net neutrality, online privacy and open source software, I do not use Google or Facebook services for anything else than entertainment. All my personal emails, documents and websites are hosted on my own personal servers. Just like this application, that I first developed for personal use, but that I want to offer publicly, for free.

© Copyright 2020 Jean-François Courteau
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